Real Curtains is a British owned and run company. We provide high quality, tailor-made curtains, and blinds at unbeatable prices.

Curtains and blinds used in a space can transform it completely. Curtains play a vital role in space via their texture, fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns.
Choosing an ideal curtain for your space can be a challenging task, So here are different types of curtains that you can pick up as per your requirement and taste.

home curtains

High-quality curtains
A cased heading is used for nets and lightweight fabrics. The casing sewn across the top is left open at the ends. They are hung in a slender curtain rod. Real Curtains They are good for less frequently used spaces.



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Roman curtains
They are more formal than roller curtains. One of the best things about these curtains is that they work with most of the fabrics.

Eyelet curtains
Eyelet curtains are very fashionable and make a dramatic feature of a window thanks to the deep folds of fabric, which run in uniform lines from top to bottom. Eyelet curtains always hang from a pole, which is threaded through metal rings.

We cater for both home and workplace. We offer both standard and premium ranges, and all products are brought to you at an affordable price.

Sheer curtain
They are one of the best options when it comes to setting an adequate amount of natural light. The Sheer fabrics allow lightness to come in.
They are hung as secondary curtains or over blinds. They often have a tab top design and can be customized in any style. They are suitable for almost every room.

Tailor-made curtains
It works well with substantial fabrics, lightweight fabrics will definitely need lining to look good. They can be used in drawing rooms, lounges, offices, etc.

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