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Honeycomb blinds

HoneyComb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds, also popularly known as cellular blinds, are great for temperature control. When the sweltering heat of the summer makes it hard to function, or the bitter cold of the winter makes you feel dull and dreary, pulling up (or down – both functions are available!) your honeycomb blinds will keep the heat out, and trap it in respectively. Other than the fact that they’re easy to use and great to look at, honeycomb blinds are also extremely energy efficient because of their insulating properties, so your investment not only leads to a chic look, but also a lower electricity bill.

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Frequently asked questions

Honeycomb blinds are made of hollow, hexagonal channels, much like a honeycomb – hence their name. These open channels trap heat at the window itself, not letting it enter your room. That’s how the room has a comfortable temperature, minimally affected by the heat or cold outside.

Definitely, they do. Honeycomb blinds are usually made of thick materials, so they’re not see-through. You can even pull them up from the bottom, or down from the top, so to keep half your window’s glass exposed to let in the light, or cover it up completely for full privacy.