DUBAI Blinds

Blinds can be of so many different types, with functions ranging from light blocking to aesthetic value. With all the considerations to keep in mind while picking the best blinds for your room, though, one thing is in common – A room looks instantly smarter with a set of blinds at the window.
At Real Curtains , we have a wide variety of materials, designs,and sizes to choose from.  Whether you want to add some style to your office, or give your bedroom a classy, chic look, we have a team of experts who will be happy to help you choose your blinds in Dubai. 
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  • We cater for both home and workplace. We offer both standard and premium ranges, and all products are brought to you at an affordable price.
  • We have partnered with limited suppliers to bring you the best products at the best price. Our range also includes products of the highest quality with a range of styles and finishes.
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Roller Blinds – the simple and effective choice for many windows

Roller Blinds are often the best no-nonsense solution for your windows. They offer perfectly adjustable height and shading with stylish designs, colour coded to suit your décor.

As one of Dubai’s leading custom made blinds and curtains companies, we can offer the perfect solution to enhance the beauty of your home.

Stylish, functional and tailored to your specific requirements.

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Vertical Blinds – for home or office – control light and outlook with precision

At Real Curtains we know that there’s more to vertical blinds than meets the eye. They can be a very versatile lighting solution.

For example, we can fit the blinds to that they are split from the left and right – this allows you to draw each side as though they were a curtain. And you can control the rotation of the blind to optimize the amount of natural light allowed into the room. For these reasons, vertical blinds are often a great solution for very wide open aspect.

And don’t worry, we have products that will not make your home look like an office. We can however make being in the office feel more like being at home.

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Roman Blinds expertly tailored and fitted for your home in Dubai

Roman blinds can add a beautiful and stylish finish to your windows. Real Curtains offers a range of fabrics and designs, all of which are tailored to your exact requirements. Many of our customers now favour Roman Blinds – they give a stylish yet modern finish to any window that allows you to control the flow of natural light into the room. Blackout Roman blinds are also available.

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Venetian Blinds – the most effective way to control privacy and flow of light

Venetian Blinds are the ultimate solution to provide control over the amount of privacy that you wish to achieve and the amount of light that you’d like to allow into the room.

Real Curtains provides a range of styles, colours and materials to suit any budget and taste. You can choose from lightweight aluminium venetian blinds in a range of appealing colours, or even wooden blinds in a range of finishes and depths.

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Rapid 3 Days Installation

We know that for many people moving to or moving within Dubai, you may be without blinds for some time. You need a quick, responsive service.

So call us now and we’ll get one of our specialist staff out to you right away and then we will install within 3 days – even less if we can!

Female sales advisors who take time with you

We want you to feel comfortable while you select your perfect blinds. That’s why our female led sales team will spend time advising you on what might work best for a beautiful finish.