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Large Curtain

Curtains are needed in all spaces, but different spaces have different requirements. In vast spaces like theatre balconies, banquet halls, and churches, regular curtains will not suffice. At Real Curtains, we can make curtains at any scale, in whatever size you need. Larger pieces do not mean compromise on quality or design either – we can assure you of that. We can customize fabric, pattern, color, and type for large curtains, just as we do for smaller ones.

Along with having an array of different curtain and blind styles, we also offer other curtain related services like fitting your curtain rods, and so on. You can purchase curtain accessories from us, too, so you need to look no  further for your curtain needs in Dubai, UAE. Contact us today to know more, and talk to our team for expert advice!

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  • Large curtains made with premium quality fabric
  • A variety of designs, fabrics, and patterns to choose from
  • Curtains customized to your needs and preferences
  • Affordable curtain options for different residential and commercial areas

Frequently asked questions

Large curtains can be used in spaces proportionate to their size, like theatres, community halls, religious places, and recreational centers. They can also be used as room dividers in large halls, to make spaces separate and optimize them.

We offer all types of designs, fabrics, and styles to choose from. You can buy pleated curtains, blackout curtains (the most popular for large rooms), eyelet curtains, curtains with hooks, and more.