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Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are great to have if you’re sensitive to light and sound. They block out 100% light, and also reduce the amount of noise coming in significantly. Ideal for home theatres, blackout curtains are also energy saving, thermal. They keep the heat trapped in, in cold Dubai winters, and out during the blazing summers. And if, at any point, you do want some light streaming through your windows, you can always open them slightly – so you always have the option of controlling the brightness of your room.

Our blackout curtains are made of premium materials, and custom made, like all our other curtains. We offer all curtain related services and accessories, like curtain rod installation. Look no  further for blackout curtains in Dubai, UAE, and contact us today to speak with our team and avail great deals!

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Frequently asked questions

Room darkening window treatments block out between 90 – 95% of light, and don’t have a lot of effect on temperature. Blackout curtains, however, are designed to block out 100% of the light, while keeping the room warm or cool, depending on the weather.

Blackout curtains, despite being extremely effective, require a lot of care and maintenance. Simply wiping them down is not enough – they require regular vacuuming and spot cleaning with the right cleaning agents. Contact us at Real Curtains to understand better how to clean blackout curtains.