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Office Blinds

Offices need blinds that look smart, modern, and formal. Curtains, while being very attractive, are better for residential use because of their ripples and folds. Blinds, on the other hand, fall straight, giving a room a professional appearance.
Depending on your office structure, weather, and preferences, we have a range of blinds that will suit all kinds of interiors. These include Aluminium Venetial Blinds, Wooden blinds, Roller Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Motorized Blinds,and many more.
If you’re not fond of traditional, duller looks, you needn’t worry. Our wide range of fabrics and designs is sure to give you what you’re looking for. We guarantee quality, and assure you that your workspace will look trendy all through. We also offer fitting of your blinds.

If you’re looking for office blinds in Dubai, UAE, look no further. Give us a call at Real Curtains for great deals and offers on office blinds.

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  • Premium quality materials used for all blinds
  • Wide range of smart, professional looking designs for your office
  • Complete fitting within 3 days of purchase
  • Affordable and reliable blinds for your office

Frequently asked questions

Roller blinds, faux wooden blinds, and honeycomb or cellular blinds are best suited for business offices, as they give the room a modern, professional look. The different categories of blinds have an array of styles within them as well, so you can choose what works best for the feel of your office.

Blinds should be taken off the window and soaked in a tub of warm water, a little baking soda, and some mild detergent. After soaking for about an hour, they should be rinsed gently with warm water, after which excess first can be wiped off.