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Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains give a smart, modern look to any room they’re put up in. With pinch pleats, there’s no better way to say luxury. Pleated curtains, while looking chic, also take up less space. Without letting in too much light, or making the room too dark, these curtains are ideal for living rooms.
At Real Curtains, we offer a wide range of curtains you can choose from, customized to a style that pleases you. In addition to this, we also fit curtain rods, and offer a wide range of curtain accessories. Look no further for your curtain needs in Dubai, UAE, and contact us today!

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  • Fashionable pleated curtains available
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  • Affordable and reliable curtains for your home and office

Frequently asked questions

We offer different designs for pleated curtains, like pencil pleats, double pleats, and triple pleats.While double and triple pleats are self explanatory, pencil pleat curtains have fabric tightly woven together such that they fall in straight lines, close together, like a row of pencils.

Pleated curtains are a classic and elegant style, popular for homes through different ages. Different times call for slight variation, but pleated curtains themselves are ageless, and have nott gone  out of style.