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Fly Screen Blinds

Fly screen blinds are more convenient, contemporary alternatives to regular hinged fly screens. Available in different styles like vertical, horizontal, and elated, these semi-translucent screens ensure you can enjoy the cool summer breeze without planet-sized insect bites on your skin.
Our fly screen blinds retain their shape irrespective of weather conditions, as they’re made of premium quality wire mesh and metal frames. If you’re looking for fly screen blinds for your doors and windows in Dubai, UAE – sliding or hinged – look no further. You can contact us at Real Curtains for the same. We also provide other curtain and blind related services and products, including installation and accessories.

Fly screen blinds

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  • Fly screens with premium quality wire mesh
  • Different flyscreen types and styles available
  • Purchase and install blinds along with accessories under one roof
  • Cost effective blinds

Frequently asked questions

Homes with a lot of trees around them, or those in warm and sticky areas are more likely to  attract insects and flies. Houses in areas like that will need more than just mosquito repellent, and fl screens are the best option to enjoy the weather,as well as keep the insects out.

Yes, they are. Along with being cost effective, our fly screen blinds do not change shape with time or weather conditions, and can be used conveniently. They are a permanent fixture, so you do not need to buy or replace them often.