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Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple Pinch Pleat curtains give a formal look to a room, and triple pinch pleat curtains, with their unique designs, add to its richness. Requiring a lot of fabric, this curtain style gives the room a fuller look, and is ideal for sitting rooms, dining rooms, and other formal spaces.
With time, triple pinch pleat curtains remember their folds even when they’re opened. This means that they retain their shape and structure even after washing, lasting you for many years.

We offer a wide range of designs and fabrics for triple pinch pleat curtains in Dubai, UAE.

We also sell accessories for your curtains, along with offering curtain rod fitting services. Contact us today to avail our services, along with expert advice on curtains and blinds from our team.

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  • Pinch pleat curtains made of premium quality fabric
  • A variety of designs and fabrics to choose from
  • Curtain accessories and fitting also available
  • Affordable, fashionable curtain options for your home and office

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the fabric, pleated curtains can be soaked in cold water with detergent, and then washed in a machine set at the “gentle” cycle. If the fabric the curtain is  made of is too delicate, however, hand washing it is preferred, as it minimizes the risk of wear and tear.

Triple pleat curtains are best hung on curtain rods due to their volume and weight. Your curtains rods should be in position before measurement, after which we will make the curtains as per the design and fabric of your choice. These curtains will hae pin hooks attached, so you can fit them on the rod easily.