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Vertex Blinds

Vertex blinds are a modern addition to our range of curtains. These unique blinds look just like sheer curtains – not blocking out the light, yet giving you the privacy you need. Their elegant appearance is great for your bedroom, sitting area, and sunroom – or even for an office, if you want it to be well lit while the blinds are drawn! Vertex blinds are best suited to large windows and bi-folding doors.

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Vertex blinds

Frequently asked questions

Vertex blinds give your room a chic look, similar to sheer curtains. However, they’re even more convenient to use. As every blind is hung separately, you can walk through them and out into your garden without moving anything. They also let in diffused sunlight, so that the rays don’t hit hard, but your room doesn’t look dreary either. 

Since the material that vertex blinds are made of is very delicate, it is recommended that they are hand washed, since the machine can cause the fabric to tear or weaken. However, you can soak them in cold water with a mild detergent and wash them in your washing machine using a gentle cycle, if you prefer.