Take control over-bright sunlight with our stylish blackout fabrics. Blackout fabrics are more energy efficient because of their higher insulating properties. Privacy is another reason for choosing blackout blinds since they will prevent anything from being viewed in your space from the outside. Without any doubt, blackouts offer room darkening solutions and are ideal for spaces that need a blackout effect. These include conference halls, board rooms, or even entertainment areas. The sunscreen variant of blackout is used for projection screens.

Blackout curtains

This exclusive collection of screens and blackout fabrics have been specially chosen from the very best in its class. These fabrics have been created for a daring accent in the interiors that will leave a spellbound effect. The unique collection offers expressive trendy colors in most contemporary designs and patterns. The collection includes screen fabrics that have been subtly decorated with stylish graphics and organic jacquard-woven designs.



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A seemingly unending palette of colors to inspire the artist in you. This collection offers a large variety of fabric types and an extensive color palette. In addition to timeless neutral colors, a number of stylish trending colors are available. Ideal for Blackout blinds, panels, and Venetian blinds, the fabrics are made from superior quality polyester and fiberglass yarns that provide complete privacy and ample sun protection

A designer collection of blind fabrics that complement today’s architectural and interior designer needs. A wide selection of fabrics in white, pastels, greys and shades of black with self motifs, prints, texture, plains, checks, and strips. Available in both opaque and see-through capabilities in polyester and polyester metallic yarns, it is ideal for Blackout curtains, panel, and vertical blinds. The showcase features designers’ dream come true fabrics that give the final finishing touch to sleek and sophisticated interior spaces.

blackout curtains


The natural materials and purely woven textures of the fabrics in this collection filter the light beautifully while bringing a feeling of comfort. Specially woven eco-friendly yards lend a touch of handloom fabrics to give the interiors a natural feel and look. This collection is characterized by its natural, delicate colors which include earthy shades of browns, beige, gray, and black. This is a perfect fabric for Blackout curtains, roller blinds, panels, and vertical blinds.

We cater for both home and workplace. We offer both standard and premium ranges, and all products are brought to you at an affordable price.

The beautiful weave structure and the use of luxury yarns in rich color tones provide a luxurious atmosphere for the interior. The designs of our collection are inspired by classic woven patterns and include exquisite large as well as subtle patterns, to match both classic and modern interiors. The graphic line play makes the orderly and repetitive patterns almost emerge from the surface of the subtle glow and gives these fabrics an exclusive look.
With our Inspirus collection, we celebrate the abundance of nature with flowers, designs, and rich ornaments worked out in shiny printed fabrics and metallic jacquards. The color tones are bold and perfectly suited for contemporary eccentric interiors, in which they create a high-fashion look. The passion and care for handcrafts are expressed in this collection which is a dialogue between antiqued and luxury materials.

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