When planning for your office cabinet there are a lot of things that we keep in mind. Say for example, carpet, desk, interiors, curtains, etc. All these things are essential in our office. They reflect our personality. Your office and your workplace reflect your personality. Not only your personality but these things are a must in the office. They are the essentials and help you do your work. Same goes with curtains.

When sunlight enters your room it can distract you from your work. In order to concentrate you need curtains that block the sunlight. It will help you focus on your work and let you decide when you need or don’t need the sunlight. The question then arises which type of curtain to choose? There are a lot of types of curtains that are used in offices. Which is the best type is to be decided by you.

There are many types of office curtains to make your workplace look professional and modern at the same time. Let’s see some of them –

These curtains are horizontal slats. These slats can be of any color, size or shape. They can be of wood, robust, elegant and excellent thermal insulator or can be of aluminum, light, durable and resistant. They either pack upwards or they rotate to block light. When it comes to choosing the color, you can select according to your office environment. If your office environment is neutral you can choose cream or white. If your office has a certain themed environment you can go for green, blue, yellow, etc.

These types of curtains are made of cloth. The roller is wrapped in cloth and the roller rolls down when the curtain is open. The roller blind is hidden at the top of the curtain which protects it from dust. When the curtains are closed they are nearly invisible on the other hand if they are open they are essential and very minimal. The fabrics are made from fireproof material. You can open these curtains to your desired height. This allows you to control the light that enters from outside.

These are the main and most used types. They are made up of vertical fabric strips. They walk on your window with the help of a weight and trail. The bottom of the fabric has a weight which helps the fabric adjust on your window. The fabrics used in these curtains are heavy and technical. They are suitable for offices with a light environment and are available in mostly all shades but are preferred in offices with a light environment. They are available in shades like ivory, beige, gray, etc.

We hear very few about panel curtains. What are they? How are they made? They are simple panels of fabric aligned to slide on a track. They are made of high quality and heavy fabric. These curtains are chosen for bright, colorless and eccentric fabrics to lighten up the atmosphere of a cold office. They are made of a lot of fabrics. They can also be made of patterned fabrics for a new look.

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