Whenever we get our interiors done the first thing we do is select the curtains. Privacy is what we need the most. Everyone wants their own space. No one likes being stared at. In order to get our space and desired privacy we choose curtains for our windows to attain maximum safety and security. Curtains not only give us privacy but function as a barrier between you and the harsh afternoon sunlight.

In this modern era curtains are replaced by blinds. Not everyone but some of us prefer blinds. As they are available in different sizes and blend with our interiors based on our requirements. Moreover, blinds are easier to clean, maintain and give a new and classy look to your house. Blinds also have their types like curtains. There are roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, etc. Let’s talk about the two types of main blinds i.e. the roman blinds and the roller blinds and see which one is better and which one we should go with.

Roman blinds are blinds that form a pleat when raised. They are made of various slats that are attached behind the fabric. These slats are arranged in such a manner that when raised are forced to form pleats. They can be made in various materials. From silk and linen to cotton and synthetics. They are a great alternative to curtains as they are available in different patterns, textures and colors.

They are cost efficient. These blinds use 25% less fabric which makes them less costly than curtains. They also help you control the amount of light that enters your room. During summers you can pull those blinds down and can shut the sunlight. Whereas, in the winters you can pull those curtains up and can have a warm winter morning.

Advanced roman blinds have insulators with their fabrics. This helps you keep the room warm in winters and cool during sunlight. These blinds are mainly used and recommended for smaller windows. They are fully versatile and can be customized in every possible way. They are available in all colors, textures and patterns.

Roller blinds just like it’s name is a blind that rolls up and rolls down according to your convenience. They cover your window fully and can be made in all sizes. You can operate these blinds with either a cord at the end of the blind or a chain with mechanism to pull it down or send it back up. You can use it for all kinds of windows. They are also suitable for skylights and velux windows.

The greatest reason why we should choose them is that we can have dual blinds. You can have dual blinds. One side can be light and gentle whereas the other can be blackout blinds. You can use the gentle ones during chilly winter mornings and the blackouts can be used in warm summer mornings. This helps you control the inner temperature. You can shift the blinds when you need your desired privacy. These blinds stick firm to the window. When you have a small space these blinds are most useful. They stay stuck to the window and do not fly with the air.

Apart from this the designing technique is also vast. These blinds are mostly preferred in simple colors. You can get these blinds in all colors. If you want it to be customized and with more patterns you can have it that way too. You can have these blinds in every possible style. These blinds give a really elegant touch to your house. They stay stuck to the window which makes it look very sleek and elegant. These blinds look really good when installed and also they are really safe to operate.

Well, the end outcome is that both Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds are unique and distinctive in their own ways. Real Curtains provides you with the best curtains and blinds in Dubai. We have all kinds of curtains for your homes and offices along with a vast variety of colors and patterns to choose from. If not curtains, we even possess a wide range of blinds that are customizable as per your requirements to match the decor of your house. Get in touch with us now!