Choosing the perfect house is not a one step task. A lot is needed to look upon and finalize. Along with the condition of the house comes the interiors being done. Next would be installing the furniture. Lastly, not forgetting the main accessory – the curtains. These are the basic steps we look through while getting a perfect shelter for us. Let’s focus on the curtains and their fitting and accessories in this article. 

When we install curtains we mainly do it for privacy from the outer world. It adds a royal touch to our interiors. Not only do they keep our homes warm in winters but also cool in the summers due to their heat absorbance and opaque nature. There are accessories required for fitting the curtains like a curtain rod, holder, etc. It is not only the curtains that have to be finalized but their respective accessories also hold equal significance. 


As we discussed we need a few accessories while fitting a curtain. Let’s see some of the items needed. 
Curtain tracks are mainly means of hanging your curtain appropriately. There are different materials in which they are available. PVC, aluminium, steel and heavy duty aluminium are the materials in which tracks can be found. PVC is appropriate for light and simple curtains. Aluminium is flexible so can be used for light and medium weight curtains. Steel is mainly used for heavy weight curtains. Heavy duty aluminium is used as an alternative for aluminium and PVC tracks. 

Blind rods are the ones that hold your curtain firmly in its place. It is the primary part of the curtain. They are available in different materials like timber, brass, wrought iron, painted timber and bamboo. Though these rods are available in different materials, they are chosen according to the material of the curtain. If the curtain is made of heavy fabric timber or brass cannot be used. 

Curtain blinds are used to add a special touch to your curtain. They are made of the same fabric as the curtain. They add a rich look to your curtain or drape. They are known by a lot of names. Austrian, festoon, london, or continental blinds are some of the names used to describe them. They are constructed by panels of cords running behind the fabric. These cords pull up from the bottom to form ruches. 


These are the ones that place the curtain rods in their place. They are available in different designs and shapes so that it suits your interiors and curtains well. They are mainly made of steel. It catches the rod in its place firmly. They are attached to the wall by screws drilled in the wall. It is fixed properly and makes sure that it’s safe for the curtains to hang and that they don’t fall.

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